в рамках Української спілки психотерапевтів (УСП) та Європейської Асоціації Психотерапії (ЄАП)

Policy of UUAP on register of specialists in psychotherapeutic consulting of UUAP

Current policy is made according to the standards of professional associations of Europe according to which, professional education of psychotherapist is done in two stages

  1. Level “specialist in psychotherapeutic consulting: (basic knowledge and skills)
  2. Level :Psychotherapist” (professional (specialist) in psychotherapy)

Educational standard of UUAP “specialist in psychotherapeutic consulting of UUAP” is directed at professionals from the neighboring to psychotherapy fields like education, management, social studies, medicine, etc. also for psychologists or psychiatrists that do not have a goal of having full psychotherapeutic education.

Acquiring the level of “specialist in psychotherapeutic consulting of UUAP” means that said person internalized basic knowledge and skills in a certain modality of psychotherapy and uses them in his daily work as a consultant.

After acquiring the intermediary level of a “specialist in psychotherapeutic consulting of UUAP” candidate may try to continue his studies to reach the level of ”psychotherapist of UUAP” which complies with high demands of European certificate of psychotherapy.

  1. Demands for achieving the level of “specialist in psychotherapeutic consulting of UUAP”
  2. Personal psychotherapeutic experience in a chosen modality no less than 240 hours
  3. Basic theory (introduction to psychotherapy, ethics, basics of consulting) – 120 hours
  4. Specialized theory in a chosen modality – 50 hours
  5. Proof of personal practice in consulting – no less than 200 hours.
  6. Supervision – Participation in group or individual supervision – 50 hours, presentation of personal work cases – no less than 10 hours.
  7. For candidates without base degree in psychiatry, minimum 100 hours of propaedeutics in psychiatry (total amount of 150 hours)
  8. For candidates without other instances of basic education modules is mandatory to provide proof that those modules have been completed.
  9. After completion of all modules candidate must go through the procedure of finalization meaning: defense of diploma thesis (theory) and defense of a supervision of practical work.
  10. Each candidate must demonstrate adequate and professional knowledge of theory, basics of methodology – practical skills, to demonstrate professional maturity as a consultant in a chosen modality. Each candidate must follow the Ethics code and ethical standards of UUAP.
  11. After completion of all modules, and after fulfilling all demands and requirements candidate must fill out a form for inclusion to the Register of specialists in psychotherapeutic consulting of UUAP (annex 1.)
  12. Form is signed by the head of UUAP that approves the membership of the candidate.
  13. Form is signed by the head of the educational comity which proves that the candidate has satisfied all requirements to achieve the level of “specialist in psychotherapeutic consulting of UUAP”
  14. Candidate writes a notice to the Executive Secretary of NAO of UUAP who sends it for the approval to the Council of teaching psychotherapists of UUAP.
  15. Council of teaching psychotherapists makes a decision about assigning a qualification of “specialist in psychotherapy of UUAP” to the candidate.
  16. Candidate receives a corresponding certificate and information is put into the register of consultants of UUAP. Certificate of consultant of UUAP and presence in the Register of consultants of UUAP does not serve as the grounds for psychotherapeutic activity
  17. The list of consultants that receive the status is made public on the annual conference of UUAP along with the other acquired qualifications and changes in other statuses.
  18. During 2015-2016 candidate for the acquisition of the status has the right to apply if the requirements for hours of received theoretic material are met. (Satisfying proportions of general and specialized hours is not mandatory)