в рамках Української спілки психотерапевтів (УСП) та Європейської Асоціації Психотерапії (ЄАП)

General policy statements.

  1. “Ukrainian Psychotherapy University” (further referred to as the University) is an educational project created by the NGO “Ukrainian Psychotherapy University” in cooperation with Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy (UUAP) and European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP).
  2. Program of the University is made according to the standards of EAP for issuing European certificate in psychotherapy (further referred to as the euro-certificate) and according to the standards of Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy for receiving certificate of psychotherapist of UUAP and receiving a membership in the register of UUAP psychotherapists.
  3. Main goal of the project “Ukrainian Psychotherapy University” is to provide the opportunity for theoretical education and acquisition of practical skills in psychotherapy for the candidates for the degree of “Psychotherapist of UUAP” (Euro-certificate, register of psychotherapists of UUAP) or “consultant of UUAP” (intermediary qualification level in UUAP) (further referred to as candidates).
  4. The candidate will receive Euro-certificate based on acquiring theoretical knowledge according to the program of the University (lectures and practical seminars, processing literature, defending final thesis) also following the requirements of EAP and UUAP on having hours of personal experience, practice hours in medical, pedagogical of psycho-social institutions, and supervision hours.

Вимоги для отримання Євросертифікату:

Basic degree (medicine or humanitarian)

1550 hours


600 hours

Personal experience

No less than 300 hours

Practice hours in medical, pedagogical of psycho-social institutions

No less than 600 hours


150 hours


3200 hours

  1. If the candidate does not need to receive a degree in psychotherapy they can choose intermediary standard (level of “consultant of UUAP”)
  2. In case when candidate have already received major part of the theory by means of other projects of UUPA, which is stated in certificates of the participant of UUAP events, Candidate may discuss with the University his Individual Plan. In this case candidate and the University make an agreement where certain elements of the program are noted which must be mandatory for the candidate to receive. And university is obligated to provide those elements. University has the right to apply additional conditions of participation for this candidate’s Individual Plan which will not apply to other candidates.
  3. If the person does not need neither systematic theoretical material nor Euro-certificate in psychotherapy or the status of consultant, the person may choose the status of Free Listener. In this case Free Listener may observe separate elements of the program of the University, and the University has the right to refuse the participation for the Free listener in certain events of the program, or may establish additional requirements of participation which do not apply to other candidates. According to this policy the University and the Free Listener have no additional mutual obligations.


The rights of the candidates


  1. Demand systematic seminars lectures etc. according to the schedule, provision of auditoriums, necessary equipment and educational materials from the University.
  2. To make up missed seminars with further addition of this hours to the credit during exam.
  3. To demand from the university provision of the information about demands of certification, events where necessary educational information may be received and information about places for internship

Obligations of candidates.

  1. To fulfill the qualification demands of the project, to visit lessons regularly and fulfill assignments.
  2. To pay for the missed semesters according to the policy
  3. To make up for the missed lessons during the exam semester, to fulfill personal assignments.
  4. To defend final thesis according to the standard requirements of the University

Rights of the University

  1. By means of certificates to assure the amount of lecture and seminar hours where the candidate was present.
  2. To expel the candidate: 
    - If candidate does not satisfy standard requirements: systematically missing lectures, seminars, if personal assignments are not fulfilled – more than 20% of missed lessons and assignments were not made up before the intermediary and final test.
  3. To recommend the candidates to receive additional educational elements.
  4. If the candidate is systematically not fulfilling his obligations University provides the candidate with a certificate of Participation with confirmation of fulfilled assignments and amount of spent hours and has no further obligations.

Obligations of the University

  1. Organization of systematic lectures and seminars for candidates according to the program of the university
  2. Organization of intermediary and final test of knowledge and skills shown by the candidates. Intermediary control is an intermediary test which is conducted yearly according to the completion of the program. Final test is a defense of a theoretical thesis by a candidate and presentation of a practical case on which he worked under supervision.
  3. Providing information about existing projects and opportunities for receiving hours of personal experience, supervision and institutions suitable for internship.
  4. Facilitating the Issue of Euro-certificate and certificate of the psychotherapist of UUAP to the candidate for the degree of “psychotherapist of UUAP” if all the requirements of EAP have been met. Issuing certificate of consultant of UUAP to the candidates for the “consultant of UUAP” degree if all the requirements of UUAP have been met.

Additional policies

  1. Before the person starts to participate in the educational process of the University the status of the said person must be defined and approved by the university. (Candidate for the reception of Euro-certificate, candidate for the status of “Consultant of UUAP” candidate according to the individual plan, Free Listener) Status may be changed during the educational process only upon the agreement of both parties.
  2. Facilitating the Issue of Euro-certificate and certificate of the psychotherapist of UUAP to the candidate for the degree of “psychotherapist of UUAP” if all the requirements of EAP have been met. Issuing certificate of consultant of UUAP to the candidates for the “consultant of UUAP” degree if all the requirements of UUAP have been met.

After candidate has finished the project University provides a Certificate of the University with the amount of completed hours.