в рамках Української спілки психотерапевтів (УСП) та Європейської Асоціації Психотерапії (ЄАП)

Structure and goal of psychotherapeutic education

(According to the Euro-certificate standards.)

Ukrainian University of psychotherapy provides professional theoretical methodological and practical preparation of psychotherapists according to the standards of European Association of Psychotherapy and Policy of Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy (UUAP) “About the Register of professionals in psychotherapeutic consulting UUAP”

Ukrainian Psychotherapy University is an NGO which unites specialists in psychology, psychotherapists and facilitates development and evolution of psychotherapy in Ukraine. Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy is nationwide organization which facilitates the development of modern psychotherapy in Ukraine. It was founded in 1996. UUAP is an active member of European Association of Psychotherapy.

According to the world experience education in psychotherapy (as advanced training based on the diploma for the higher education in humanitarian or medical arts) is provided mostly by nongovernmental professional organizations and associations. Which is completely logical if we consider the specifics of goals and structure of psychotherapeutic education

According to the standards of European Association of Psychotherapy structure of education in psychotherapy is divided into four parts

  1. Theory
  2. Personal experience
  3. Personal psychotherapeutic practice under the supervision
  4. Supervision

Standards of a completed course are:

Theory – no less than 600 hours as well as propaedeutic of psychiatry – 150 hours

Personal experience – no less than 300 hours

Personal psychotherapeutic practice under the supervision no less than 600 hours

Supervision no less than 150 hours.

The course is considered completed when the candidate has completed all four parts. Only this may be considered to be grounds for inclusion into the register of Psychotherapists of UUAP and facilitation of the issuing of European certificate in psychotherapy as well as continuation of professional growth in the framework of UUAP and UPU (receiving the status of Observer, Teaching co-therapist, teaching therapist, supervisor).

It is important for the amount of hours not to be absolute, perfect or symbolic but to be converted into the quality of psychotherapeutic work. Quality control of psychotherapeutic education is done in the framework of Qualification procedures (procedure of completing the course in psychotherapy.

According to the Strasburg declaration on psychotherapy (1990) Ukrainian University of psychotherapy (In cooperation with European Association of psychotherapy) works for the establishment of psychotherapy in Ukraine as:

  1. Separate professional activity that has scientific (theoretic, methodological and practical) basis
  2. Separate science which has its own niche among humanitarian and medical science.

Access to the psychotherapeutic education is provided for the specialists that have been previously educated in different spheres of humanitarian or social science. (Higher education or unfinished higher education). Courses received during the education in a governmental university is an important factor but it is not enough to continue psychotherapeutic education.

Acquiring theoretical knowledge in psychotherapy:

  1. Studies of basic theory of psychotherapy which is the same for all methods of psychotherapy
  2. Specialization based on the chosen method of psychotherapy.

Complete theoretical preparation during 4 years:

  • Theory of human development during life cycle
  • Understanding of other psychotherapeutic approaches (modalities)
  • Theory of change
  • Understanding of social and cultural aspects of psychotherapy
  • Theory of psychopathology
  • Theory of diagnostics and intervention.


  1. Personal experience

Acquisition of personal experience may be achieved through one of the projects of personal experience of UUAP (no less than 5 years of group work) or through individual psychotherapy (independent from the type of the approach).  Acquisition of personal experience in learning groups in the framework of educational project or individually has goals of:

  1. Reflecting on major personal experiences, relationships, relations with the surroundings, and psychological processes.
  2. Facilitation of personal professional qualities necessary for the establishment of psychotherapeutic relations and practice (being more attentive to the other in a relationship, to have more empathetic understanding etc.)
  3. To widen the capacity of personal experiences and to reach higher level of human maturity.

Main goal of Personal experience is to acquire basics of psychotherapy which are the same for all approaches, to gain access to the resources of self-understanding and self-awareness, to internalize not only professional qualities of psychotherapist but to accept psychotherapy as a part of a personal worldview and part of life (existential approach)

Acquiring personal experience is important for understanding of the specifics of theory of psychotherapy and various technics of psychotherapy with the goal of forming personal therapeutic style.

III. Psychotherapeutic practice

Practical activity, consulting people under constant professional supervision during at least 2 years.

The goal of Psychotherapeutic practice is the acquisition of professional skills and forming professional identity.

UPU and UUAP unites professionals that work in different specialized institutions. Lots of this institutions provide internship opportunities for the candidates.

It is recommended to start practicing no sooner than after 5 sessions of personal experience and after finishing propaedeutics of psychiatric disorders and good understanding of basic theory and after completing the interview for  access to supervision.

  1. Supervision

Functions of supervision:

  1. Professional supervision and control
  2. Specific methods of reflecting on psychotherapeutic practice during learning process
  3. Working through ambitions, problems and conflicts that appear in the context of professional activity and may strongly impact it.
  4. Acquiring psychotherapeutic techniques

Supervision is needed to support reflective process of a specialist or to develop better strategies for problem-solving which must be done in the framework of professional activity.

Personal and professional experience + supervision = less mistakes on the job

Personal and professional experience – supervision = more mistakes on the job

All modules of education are conducted by specialized coaches of UPU and UUAP. Coaches of UPU and UUAP are specialists of the highest level with the experience of more than 20 years in modern psychotherapy and huge experience in neighboring fields. Foreign specialists of psychotherapy, Specialists non-members of UUAP and specialists of neighboring fields also participate in the educational process.

  1. Final attestation

After the preparation each candidate goes through final attestation. It is done in a form of a Colloquium, Final seminar or conference and has two parts.

  1. Defense of theoretical thesis

Theoretical thesis is a theoretic research on a chosen and approved topic with the volume of 15-20 pages. At least one review must be attached.

  1. Defense of a personal psychotherapeutic case

The description of psychotherapeutic case is done which demonstrates in a best way possible the skills of a candidate in the framework of a chosen approach of psychotherapy and efficiency of psychotherapeutic process. Continuous supervision during the process is mandatory as well as final recommendation from the supervisor.

Successful completion of all modules of education (personal experience, theory, practice, supervision) and defense of theoretical and practical parts of the graduation work are grounds for:

  1. Inclusion to the register of psychotherapists of UUAP
  2. Facilitation of issuing of European certificate of psychotherapy.

Which are the grounds for psychotherapeutic practice in a majority of countries in the world.